First Class in-flight Services

On every flight we fly throughout the world, Air Tahiti Nui is building a reputation for providing world-class service levels equal to the leading airlines of the world. Our service is based upon extending the warmth and ambience of our Polynesian home the moment you step on board.

elcomed by the fragrance the Tiare Tahiti gardenia, the sounds of our legendary island music, and the beauty and comfort of our aircraft, you’ll quickly see why flying with Air Tahiti Nui is an experience unique among any airline in the world.

Serving six pampered guests in a luxurious enclave, PoeravaFirst is the most exclusive First-Class cabin over the routes that we fly. The centerpiece is the seat itself; fully reclining sleeper seats with state-of-the-art components such as a 12-inch video screen with continual first-run movies and personal in-flight telephones. All amenities are provided such as oversized pillows and blankets and soft pajamas for a restful sleep.

Flavors of the World

Our world-class cuisine blends the culinary influences of our Polynesian and French heritage with specialties from each of our destinations.

At the heart of our service is world-class cuisine. With our Polynesian and French influence complemented by Continental fare, your meals will feature unique flavorings and presentations found only on Air Tahiti Nui.

Our meal plan is based on the standards of five-star restaurant and designed by a staff of internationally acclaimed chefs. First and Business Class meals are individually served to your specific requests and our wine list of famous vintages is personally selected by our Parisian sommelier.


Special Meal Requests
Special meals can be prepared for medical and religious reasons if requested at the time of your reservation or at least 36 hours prior to departure. Special meals requested less than 36 hours cannot be guaranteed. Contact your travel arranger or the Air Tahiti Nui reservation office.


Seating Chart  

Air Tahiti Nui names our aircraft after some of French Polynesia's most beautiful islands.

Aircraft Names, registration and delivery dates listed below:

Bora Bora "FOJTN" March 2002
Mangareva "FOJGF" April 2002
Rangiroa "FOSEA" Janurary 2003
Moorea "FOSUN " February 2003
Nuku Hiva "FOLOV" June 2005

Meaning Black Pearl in Tahitian, Poerava is Tahiti’s gift to the world. Nurtured in the warm, pure lagoon waters, these natural gems are cultured at over 1,000 pearl farms throughout the islands of French Polynesia. Many visitors to Tahiti mark the occasion by purchasing a pearl or pearl jewelry at shops located in the resorts and cruise ships, or stores in the shopping areas.

First Class Seat Recline: 180º  
Pitch: Unlimited Width: 19.4” Length: 79.44"


Every seat aboard Air Tahiti Nui is a virtual entertainment center with first-run movies, music, and games.

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