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Travel Documents

Each passenger is solely responsible for obtaining and carrying the correct travel documentation for the countries to be visited which includes a valid passport, visa if applicable, sufficient funds to cover the length of stay, medical information if applicable, etc.

Always make sure that the way your name appears on your Air Tahiti Nui airline ticket matches your passport. It is also advisable that other documentation you carry matches your passport name and that you identify yourself by the nationality of your passport.

Always make sure your passport is valid for the required time beyond your travel dates. Some countries require a passport to be valid for six months beyond the date of departure.

As Travel Documents required for entry are subject to modification without notice, it is advisable to check with the consulate of each country on your itinerary or consult with your travel arranger before departure. Each passenger is solely responsible for understanding and possessing the correct documents for legally traveling to the countries serviced by Air Tahiti Nui.

U.S. Passport Main Site

  Ensure that you have your e-ticket confirmation or Air Tahiti Nui paper tickets. All passengers with paper tickets must be in possession of that ticket issued by Air Tahiti Nui or your travel arranger.
  Always make sure you reconfirm your flights with Air Tahiti Nui at least 48 hours before departure.
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Seat Assignments
  It is advisable to reserve seat assignments in advance of your flight by calling an Air Tahiti Nui Reservations Office at least 72 hours prior to departure. For operational reasons, we cannot guarantee assigned seating however, every effort will be made to give you the assigned seat or one similar at check-in. Exit and Bulkhead rows can only be assigned at the airport.
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International traveling passengers should always carry enough prescribed medications needed for the duration of their trip.

All medication should be carried only in carry on baggage.

If needles are necessary for medical reasons, they must be declared at the airport screening mile.

It is advisable to provide documentation or identification to confirm a medical condition and for all medication to have either a professionally printed labeled identifying the medication or manufacturers or for the medication to be in pharmaceutically labeled packaging.

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Check-In Time Information

Recommended Check-In Time:

3 hours prior to departure.

*** Holiday seasons: 3 1/2 hours***

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Recommended Connection Times :
The following are the official connecting times for LAX:

Domestic to Int'l: 1 1/2 hours
Int'l to Int'l: 2 hours
Int'l to Domestic: 2 hours
Due to heightened security, Air Tahiti Nui recommends: 3 hours 


NOTE: Most major airlines can check your luggage from your home city all the way to Tahiti. This will save you time connecting in Los Angeles. Low fare airlines such as Southwest do not transfer bags to other airlines. Check with your originating airline or Air Tahiti Nui Reservation regarding baggage transfer agreements.
Check-In Counter Hours of Operation
- Opens: 3 1/2 hours prior to departure
- Closes: One Hour prior to departure.


For travel tips and and up to date security information. Click here for Transportation Security Administration Website


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Air Tahiti Nui - Departure check list
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