Special Assistance

If special assistance is needed, you must notify Air Tahiti Nui at both the time of booking and upon arrival for check-in as to which level is required:

Level 1 (WCHR):
The passenger is mobile but may need wheelchair assistance with the long distances to and from the aircraft.

Level 2 (WCHS):
The passenger cannot go up and down stairs without assistance.

Level 3 (WCHC):
The passenger is incapacitated and must use an wheelchair designed to go through the aircraft aisles and must be lifted into the seat. For this level, the passenger must be traveling with a person who will assist them and care for their needs during the flight.

Check-in Time
Current check-in time on our flights has been increased by 30 minutes to accommodate passengers requiring special assistance.

We have available for you safety and comfort on long-haul flights:
- Lavatories especially fitted for non-ambulatory passengers
- Onboard wheelchairs to help you move around in the cabin

To make a request for your special needs, please contact Air Tahiti Nui a minimum of 36 hours prior to departure.

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Air Tahiti Nui - Special Assistance
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